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ABC offers the residential building market three services that ensure every project is planned and controlled adequately to ensure its success. 



Refurbishment and/or modernisation projects do not necessarily require plans drawn up, however, if the works demand internal structural or layout changes, plans will be required to apply for a Building Warrant. Similarly, if the works demand changes to the external appearance and/or size plans will be required for Planning consent. We work closely with SER qualified Architects to visualise our clients dreams and capture them in high quality statutory acceptable drawings.

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Using industry leading software we are able to prepare accurate detailed estimates identifying how much any particular project should cost. This cost benchmarking service utilises up to date Master pricing schedules as well as rationalised data drawn down from builders merchants, to ensure our clients are fully aware of their budget requirements before executing the works. The estimate breaks the cost down into work package elements as well as identifying cost allocation percentages, illustrated using pie charts.  More impressively the estimate also details budget spend profile, enabling the client to manage their finances on a month by month basis. 
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Contract Documentation


Many residential projects progress with limited to no written agreements in place. Our standardised and legally binding Contracts are tailored to each specific project, ensuring the channels of communication and boundaries of liability and responsibility are clearly defined so as to eliminate any misunderstandings and/or misinterpretations of the project requirements. This protection prevents costly variations while providing the clarity required to ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities preventing any task from falling between stools causing a delay to the works.  

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