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ABC was established by directors Kai Manak and Karl Kang both of whom bring together the perfect marriage of complimentary skill sets. Mr Manak BSc (Hons) is a member of the Association for Project Management and is able to inject 20years of Construction Consultancy experience within the business. Mr Kang on the other hand offers dynamic and practical knowledge from a successful building and  property development career, bringing to the business in excess of 35years of construction field experience. 

Five core business objectives are at the heart of how we conduct our business!
  1. Value - An affordable service that guarantees our clients project a greater success rate.

  2. Experience - Invest in experienced and motivated employees.

  3. Trust - Develop long term customer relationships through documentation accuracy, quality and trust in the service we provide.

  4. Growth - Organic business growth by focusing on a manageable workload, not over committing and ensuring each project is serviced to the best of our abilities.

  5. Quality assurance - All service deliverables are reviewed by one of our Directors before submission to the Client.

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Your feedback is valuable to us!

We encourage all of our clients to provide feedback regardless of whether it is positive or negative. We rely on customer feedback to help achieve our Objectives. 

All work undertaken is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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